Thursday, 27 June 2013

Turkish endurance racing and the Evliya horses

Endurance racing is really taking off in Turkey. There are even rumours of a possible Presidential Cup in the offing. Since April 2013, horses belonging to Evliya Celebi team member Ercihan Dilari have distinguished themselves in competitions in Gebze (6-7 April) and Kayseri (18-19 May), winning and placing. Making regular expeditions is clearly ideal preparation for getting fit in order to star in endurance competitions!

The winners of the 80 kilometre race at Kayseri were Anadolu, the mare who piloted the 2009 Evliya Celebi Ride and subsequent Great Anatolian Rides in 2010-2012, and Ercihan's son Bekir Dilari. Second was Zenobia (otherwise known as Browni), who made the 2011 Great Anatolian Ride, with Kemal Bey, and third Megin with Cristal Hanim, from Istanbul.

Layla, who began her expedition career in 2010 on the Great Anatolian Ride, and Erdinc Bey placed in the 40 kilometre.

Watch this space for further pictures and developments in Turkish endurance racing and Evliya expeditions!