Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Good times on the Evliya Ride 2010 with Akhal-Teke Horse Center

Anne & Monica
Rosemary & Sa'hra


Support for Evliya Rides

Iznik, Sept 2010

At Yoldasimiz: Horses, our Trail Companions

Ali and Sa'hra
Ilos at Hersek
Berrin, Avanos, 2010

Trekking in Turkey

Here are links to a rich banquet of photos from the Evliya Celebi Way by Kate Clow, who will be publishing the Guidebook (by Caroline Finkel and Donna Landry) in 2011:

Around Usak

And here are some from her prospecting in the Southeast for a possible future Evliya Way 2:

Around Gazientep

Around Urfa

Kate's website for all your trekking queries: