Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Long time no post. We are working away on various fronts: preparing for the first riding tours to ride the Evliya Çelebi Way 1 this September; arranging a press trip on the route, also in September; raising sponsorship for and organising the EÇRide 2, next spring, between Gaziantep, Aleppo and Urfa; attending various meetings and conferences where Evliya is the topic; and much more. Donna and Caroline, and Kate (Clow: www.lycianway.com) and Caroline, recently walked early sections of the EÇW1, thus beginning the task of establishing a walking and biking route alongside the riding route—Kate's Upcountry (Turkey) Ltd will publish the guidebook to the EÇW1 for riders, walkers and bikers, adding a new long distance cultural route to the growing number in Turkey.

Above is a photo of the tomb of the holy man Tatlı Dede, just W of the village of Şehitler, between Bursa and İnegöl. Visiting the tombs of holy men was one of Evliya's main interests; we are equally curious about these reminders of life in past times that still hold meaning for many people today.